How to Download Movies or TV Shows From Netflix Onto Your Windows 10 PC


Netflix introduced a download feature in its iOS and Android apps. The feature lets users download select content to their phone or tablet, and it helps minimize data consumption on a cellular plan. Netflix users can download content when a WiFi connection is available and watch it when they are offline. This same feature is now available on the Netflix app for Windows 10. The Netflix app is only available through the Windows Store, which means this feature is for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users.

Here’s how you can download Netflix content on Windows:

Download Netflix Content

STEP 1: Open the Netflix app, then click the hamburger icon at the top left.

STEP 2: From the panel that slides out, click Available to download.

NOTE: Netflix will show you all TV shows and movies that you can download.

STEP 3: Click on a show or a movie that you want to download.

NOTE: If you select a show to download, you will see a list of all available episodes. The episodes that you can download will have a download button.

STEP 4: Click the arrow down button for the episode that you want to download and the download process will begin.

NOTE: When you start a download, a blue progress bar appears at the bottom of the app. If you click on the progress bar, it will take you to the My Downloads page.

Pause and Cancel Download

STEP 1: From the hamburger icon at the upper-left, go to the My Downloads page where it will display all completed and in-progress downloads.

STEP 2: Select a series episode or a movie that is currently downloading.

NOTE: The summary window has a button that indicates download progress.

STEP 3: Click it and then select Pause or Cancel from the menu.

View Downloaded Content

STEP 1: Click the hamburger icon at the top left.

STEP 2: Select My Downloads from the panel that slides out.

NOTE: You will be taken to the My Downloads page where you can click any movies or series episode that has been downloaded and watch it.

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