How to Enable and Manually Configure the Parental Controls on the Nintendo Switch


In spite of how vigilant you are in making sure that your little kids don’t stumble across mature or violent content, there is always a chance that they will discover it either accidentally or intentionally. With the Nintendo Switch’s Parental Control feature, you can ensure that your children won’t accidentally play grown up games or buy anything without your permission. You also have the option to track and restrict your children’s play time using the Parental Controls app.

To enable the Parental Control feature on the Nintendo Switch, follow these steps:

Enabling Parental Control on the Nintendo Switch

When you first set up your Switch, you can enable Parental Controls from the set-up screen. You can also enable them at any time from System Settings on the Switch console.

STEP 1: From your Nintendo Switch’s Home screen, launch System Settings.

STEP 2: Scroll down, then select Parental Controls.

STEP 3: On the right side of the screen, select Parental Control Settings.

STEP 4: Next, select Use this console.

STEP 5: Select Restriction Level.

STEP 6: Select Teen, Pre-Teen, or Child to create a pre-mode setting.

STEP 7: Select Custom Settings to manually configure your parental control settings.

Configuring Parental Control Settings Manually

STEP 1: Select Restricted Software to manually select the software rating restrictions.

NOTE: You can select from games rated ages for 3+ up to games rated for ages 18+.

STEP 2: Select Software Rating Organization to change the region for your ratings regulation.

STEP 3: Next, select Post to Social Media to restrict or unrestrict the ability to post screenshots to your social media accounts.

NOTE: Nintendo account users under 13 years old can’t post to social media no matter what the restrictions are set at.

STEP 4: Select Communicating with others to restrict whether or not you can send and receive messages and chats, get user profile information, and view and share images.

NOTE: Some software will allow you to enable some communications restrictions individually.

STEP 5: Once you are done setting up parental controls manually, hit Next to save your changes.

STEP 6: Enter a four- to eight-digit PIN, which you will use every time you access the Parental Control settings in the future.

STEP 7: Press OK to complete the setup process.

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