How to Import Your Google Music Playlist to Your Spotify Account


One of the most challenging decision to make is choosing a music streaming service that suits you best. Most of the service providers allow you to try their service for free or for a portion of the original price for a certain period of time. With Google Play, you can try out their service for free for a period of two months, while Spotify offers their service for three months of premium service for $1.13 (0.99 EUR). Aside from those offers, some companies allow you to listen to music via their service with certain restrictions, in case you prefer not to pay.

However, when you try a certain service but would like to switch to another service provider, you still want to keep your files and one of the easiest technique to accomplish this task is by using a third-party app designed to import your playlist specifically from Google Music to Spotify.

Below are the steps how:

Using the Stamp App

With a free subscription, Stamp allows you to transfer one playlist at a time from Google Music to Spotify. This means if you have many playlists, this may take some time to complete. But if you don’t have enough spare time to do that, you can buy the software for $10.22 or for $14.76 if you would like to use the bundle option (for all operating systems).

STEP 1: Download the Stamp app and proceed in installing it on your device.

STEP 2: Once you’re done installing it, choose Google Play Music, then log in to your account.

STEP 3: On the next screen, do the same for Spotify.

STEP 4: Next, choose the playlist(s) you would like to import from Google Music to Spotify, check it/them, and then click Next.

NOTE: You need to wait for the app to perform the required tasks and should then be done.

Using the Soundiiz App

Unlike Stamp, you don’t need to download the Soundiiz app in order to use it. However, importing playlists from a streaming service to another will cost you since it is a premium feature. Although it’s not that much since Soundiiz offers subscription plans starting at $3 per month.

STEP 1: Navigate to Soundiiz‘s website to use this service.

STEP 2: Click on Start Now and sign up for a new account.

STEP 3: Once your account is created, you need to confirm your email address.

STEP 4: Once you complete that step, click Platform to platform on the top-right corner.

STEP 5: From the music streaming service, choose Google Music, then log in to your account.

STEP 6: Click on Google Music again.

STEP 7: From the list, choose the playlist(s) you would like to import to Spotify, check it/them, and then click Confirm and continue.

STEP 8: Select Spotify as the destination.

STEP 9: In the pop-up, add your login details and then click on Spotify again.

NOTE: Wait for a little while and your playlist(s) should be imported from Google Music to Spotify.

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