How to Send and Share a Web Note From Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge, the company’s new browser for Windows 10, offers a new feature that lets you doodle on any Web page and share it with your friends. Called as Web Note, it’s especially handy whenever you want to highlight particular information on a certain website or share some notes with your teammates. It’s easy enough to find the Web Note feature and start drawing, but the sharing part is a bit tricky since the default format for sharing is a Web page (HTML). That’s not quite as easy to view on all devices as an image would be.

Here are the steps on how to send your Web note as an image on Edge:

STEP 1: Launch your Edge browser, then go to the webpage you want to doodle on.

STEP 2: Click or tap the Web Note icon (a pen in a square) at the upper-right corner of the screen.

STEP 3: Start scribbling with the Pen and Highlighter tools located on the menu at the upper-left corner or add a typed comment by selecting the speech bubble icon.

NOTE: You can also crop out a part of the page with the Clip tool.

STEP 4: Tap the Share button on the top right (beside the Exit button).

STEP 5: Press the drop-down arrow next to the title of your Web Note to select which format you want to share.

NOTE: You can send an image (screenshot of your work) or a Web page in HTML format.

STEP 6: Select where you want to share your Web Note.

NOTE: Your options are limited to the Windows apps you have installed on your device that support sharing. In the example below, Facebook is used, but Mail is a popular option as well.

STEP 7: Fill out the caption or any additional information.

NOTE: You can also choose the share this on your timeline or on a friend’s, and limit the people who can see this post.

STEP 8: Tap Post and your Web Note will then be shared.

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