How to Sideload Apps From Another Android Device Onto Your Kindle Fire Tablet


The Kindle Fire tablet, although handy and perfect for those who love to read, doesn’t come with Google Play Store. You won’t even find apps like Chrome and YouTube in the Amazon App Store. Good news is, you can install individual apps directly onto your Fire, called Sideloading.

One of the steps involved in sideloading apps getting the APK file, which is the extension file of the app that you want to be installed. There are different methods on how to get an APK file. This article will show you how to sideload apps from another Android device onto your Kindle Fire tablet.

Sideloading From Another Android Device

STEP 1: Download Apk Extractor to your Android phone from the Google Play Store by pressing the Install button.

STEP 2: Once installed, open the Apk Extractor and you will be able to see every APK file on your phone.

STEP 3: Choose the app you want to install on your tablet by pressing the three dots next to the app, then press share.

STEP 4: Choose the method on how you want to share the file to your Kindle Fire.

NOTE: One good method is by sharing it via Dropbox or OneDrive, and then retrieve the file on the Fire.

STEP 5: Next, on your Fire, find the APK file, either in your email or on a file sharing service, then download it.

STEP 6: When it’s finished downloading, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and then press Install.

The app should now appear on your home screen and is ready to use.

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