How to Use the Apple TV Remote App via the iOS 11 Control Center


The advantage of having an Apple TV Remote in Control Center is that it’s accessible from anywhere in iOS, even the Lock screen. All you need to do is add it to the Control Center and you’ll have easy access to it whenever you need it.

Here’s how to add the Apple TV Remote app to the Control Center:

Adding the Apple TV Remote App to the Control Center

NOTE: The Apple TV Remote widget in Control Center only works with the fourth-generation Apple TV and newer.

STEP 1: On your iOS 11 device, go to Settings.

STEP 2: Tap Control Center.

STEP 3: Turn on the Access Within Apps feature.

STEP 4: Tap Customize Controls.

STEP 5: Tap the Apple TV Remote switch on. You can also reorder its position in Control Center.

Controlling an Apple TV with the Apple TV Remote App in Control Center in iOS 11

Once you’re set up, here’s how you’ll use the controls.

STEP 1: Swipe on your screen to activate Control Center.

NOTE: Swiping up should work from most any app, but some apps make it tricky, especially in a beta environment. So if that happens, just press the Home button to exit the app and call up Control Center from your Home screen.

STEP 2: Tap the Apple TV button in Control Center to launch the controls.

STEP 3: Swipe up, down, and sideways on the large gray area in the middle.

NOTE: This acts as the touchpad. Swipe it to navigate menus, tap it to select items, and swipe or tap it during playback to rewind or fast-forward.

STEP 4: If you select a menu item that requires keyboard entry, a keyboard pops up on your iOS device.

STEP 5: Even handier are the buttons to jump forward and back 10 seconds. They only show up when something is playing.

STEP 6: Play/Pause is on the bottom-left. Press Play to start a selected item immediately, instead of viewing its details or iTunes Extras menus first.

STEP 7: Hold down the Siri button on the bottom right to speak a query, and your answers show up on the TV screen.

STEP 8: Press the Menu button once to go back a level. It’s not a pure back button, though. It’s a contextual back button for whichever app you’re using.

STEP 9: The Home button (with the TV icon on it) goes right to the home screen of the TV app—the TV app on the Apple TV, not the companion TV app also on your iOS device.

NOTE: If you press Home again, you’ll go to the grid of app icons.

STEP 10: Double-tap Home to go to the Apple TV’s app switcher, where you can swipe between apps or swipe one up to force-quit it.

STEP 11: Hold Home down for a couple seconds and you’ll be offered the option to put the Apple TV to sleep (which also shuts off the connected TV).

The only thing you really can’t do with the Apple TV controls in iOS 11′s Control Center but you can with the Siri Remote, is control the volume. The software remote lacks volume buttons, and the volume buttons on your iOS device don’t adjust the TV volume.

If you run into trouble with the Control Center remote, make sure the iOS device and the Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network—and try restarting the iOS device if needed, since after all, it’s running a beta.

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