Business Networks


There is hardly a small or medium size business now that does not use computers and the internet, especially if the business needs to be visible online. The main purpose of these computers is mainly to serve the business by sharing files, printers, and any action or device in connection to product sales or services.

Problems with the internet or network can greatly affect your business, and there’s no need to enumerate these in detail. Every business proprietor knows that when you lose communication or connection, you stand to lose customers, potential business, and sales, and along these lines, profit and the chance for the company’s growth. Not meeting a customer deadline, not delivering a service on time, failing to answer a client inquiry, and other such instances easily translates to possible lost sales, lost ROI, and lost profits.

The advantages of having full technical support from Supportrix that can really “cover your back” is actually pretty straightforward:

  • Coverage and support for all types of networking, PC, and software brands
  • Coverage of all networking and internet issues and concerns
  • Issues can be fixed at your convenient time so as not to disrupt your business
  • Helping you to understand your issues and concerns so they don’t occur again
  • Online remote sessions while you watch how the technicians are fixing your computer or device
  • Fixing and setup of e-mail concerns
  • Modem and home network issues such as frequent disconnections
  • Wired and wireless internet concerns and recurring issues
  • VoIP and internet sharing setup
  • Installation of programs or software including antivirus and antispyware programs

You can request us to help you install anti-virus software. No matter how careful we are surfing the web, something will eventually slip by. An anti-virus program helps keep your computer safe. It helps isolate and neutralizes malware.

We can utilize other useful applications to combine with your anti-virus software such as anti-spyware and anti-adware programs.

SUPPORTrix provides quality technical support, where and when you need it. You can choose the security of unlimited support for a year, or the flexibility of pay-per-incident.

SUPPORTrix is one of the leading remote computer service provider offering our expertise in computer issue may it be PC, Mac, software, network problem, mobile, printer, home entertainment or any digital device problem.

To avail of any of our service, call us at 1-877-787-8749.