How to Access Your Gmail Account While Offline


In order for you to be able to read your emails, whether it’s Gmail, Yahoo, etc., you need an Internet connection. The great news with Gmail is that you can still access your mail even without it. Gmail Offline is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to access their account, even without Internet connection. This app enables the user to read, reply, send, and search their emails in Gmail while offline.

Here are the steps on how you can enable Gmail Offline:

STEP 1: Sign in to your Gmail account with your email username and password.

STEP 2: Click the Settings icon (gear icon) at the upper-right hand corner, then select Settings.

STEP 3: Now click the Offline tab at the top, then click on the Install Gmail Offline link.

NOTE: You will be directed to Chrome’s extension page, where you will install the Gmail Offline extension.

STEP 4: Proceed in installing Gmail Offline by clicking the Add to Chrome button.

STEP 5: Once installed, click on the Gmail Offline icon from the Chrome’s app page.

STEP 6: On the next screen, choose Allow offline email.

STEP 7: Click the Continue button.

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