How to Add Multiple Accounts on Your Amazon Echo


The Amazon Echo has an option that enables you to add several accounts, especially if your family members or friends would like to experience it as well. Anyone who wants to access your Echo needs to have his or her own Amazon account. But once you’ve added each family member to the device, you can bounce from one account to another just by talking to Alexa. And best of all, each person can listen to the music and access other content owned by all the members collectively.

To do this, simply follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Open the Alexa app on your mobile device or navigate to your Amazon Alexa page from your PC, and then sign in with your Amazon account.

STEP 2: On your mobile device, tap on the hamburger icon (three-horizontal lines) at the upper-left hand side.

STEP 3: Tap on Settings.

STEP 4: On your PC, click on Settings.

STEP 5: In the Accounts section, tap or click on the setting for Household Profile.

STEP 6: At the “Invite a household member screen,” read the fine print, then tap or click on the Start button.

NOTE: At this point, you’ll need to enlist the person’s help so that you can add him/her to your Alexa device (or at least you’ll need that person’s Amazon username and password).

STEP 7: Tap or click on OK.

STEP 8: On the next screen, ask the person you want to add to type in his or her Amazon username and password.

STEP 9: Tap or click the Verify Account button.

NOTE: If the person doesn’t have an Amazon account, tap or click the Create a new Amazon account button, and then follow the steps from there.

STEP 10: When the Welcome to Amazon Households screen appears, read the terms and agreement, and then click the Join household link at the bottom.

NOTE: The next screen tells you that the Household has been created and that you and the person(s) you’ve added are now members of an Amazon Household. The screen also offers some quick tips for using Alexa in a household.

STEP 11: Next, the person needs to log into the Alexa app either on your device or on his/her own device in order to complete the process.

NOTE: If the same device will be used, return to the Settings screen, scroll to the bottom, and then tap or click on the Sign Out button.

STEP 12: Confirm that you want to sign out, then have the new person sign in with his/her Amazon account.

STEP 13: At the Welcome to Alexa screen, tap or click the Continue button to agree to the terms of use.

NOTE: You can now add additional members of your household by following the steps above.

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