How to Back Up Your Mac OS X Contacts Automatically


Almost all of us had a fair share of having a corrupt hard drive, which comes at a time when we haven’t made any backup of our files and data, hence everything is lost. Nowadays, good backups are always a necessity, especially for those who own a business. OS X’s Automator feature will be able to help you in backing up your contacts automatically. It’s a bit lengthy, but nonetheless pretty easy to create an automatic task (workflow) to back up your contacts in OS X at a regular schedule. It’s a one-time setup that is guaranteed to be life-saving in the event that your hard drive fails.

If this is what you need to do right now, follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Open Automator on your Mac by searching for it from the Spotlight Search or by navigating to your Applications folder.

STEP 2: Select a new document when prompted by Automator to do so, then select Calendar Alarm as the type of document.

NOTE: This is a type of document that can be triggered by events in your calendar, which means you can set it to run at specific intervals automatically.

STEP 3: Look under the Actions panel at the left side, then select Contacts, and then drag Find Contacts Items into the right hand panel.

NOTE: The option that will come up will allow you to filter which contacts you would like to back up.

STEP 4: Since you’ll be backing up all of your contacts, simply leave the first two options to people and All as they are.

STEP 5: Choose Name and is not for the last two options as shown below, and then enter “aaa” in the text field provided.

STEP 6: Click on the Run button at the upper-right hand corner of the window.

NOTE: If the process runs smoothly, you should get a “Workflow completed” message at the bottom of the window.

STEP 7: Next, click on the Results button (it has a green check beside) to bring up a list of all the selected contacts, which shows that the action has indeed successfully selected all of your contacts.

STEP 8: Now, from the second list, drag Export vCards into the right hand panel, and make sure that it is placed underneath Find Contacts People in your workflow.

STEP 9: Leave the Export option as it is (as shown below), and just choose a custom location where you would like your Contacts to be backed up.

STEP 10: Once done, click on File, then Save (or press Command + S on your keyboard) from the top menu to save your alarm.

NOTE: Once saved, Automator will automatically add it as an event at the current time to your calendar. Calendar should automatically open up, but if it doesn’t, open it.

STEP 11: Double-click on the event, then click on the date indicated.

NOTE: A window similar to the screenshot below should open up.

STEP 12: On the repeat section, set your preferred regular interval for a regular backup of your contacts.

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