How to Configure VLC Media Player to Put Your Computer on a Sleep Timer


For those whose habit is watching movies or playing music from their computers before bedtime and then would eventually fall asleep, VLC has a built-in timer that can be set to shut off after a certain period of time. This is great and helpful because even if you fell asleep while watching, your computer isn’t going to autoplay the entire playlist.

Here’s how you can set your VLC Player to put your computer on a sleep timer:

STEP 1: Open VLC media player.

STEP 2: Create or open a playlist, then select Media, and then select the option Quit at the end of playlist.

STEP 3: Open Notepad, then paste this code:

START /WAIT C:\”Program Files”\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe %1 vlc://quit

shutdown -s -t 60

STEP 4: Save the file with .bat extension (you can name it anything you want).

NOTE: In the example below, the file is named as “quit.bat”

STEP 5: Save your playlist by selecting the entire list, right-clicking on it, and then choosing Save Playlist to File.

STEP 6: Choose a save location, then name your playlist, and then click Save.

STEP 7: Now, drag the playlist onto the BAT file that you have created.

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