How to Deactivate a User Account in Windows 10


It has been a usual practice to have multiple user accounts on your PC, especially if you are sharing it with multiple people like members of your family. This is actually the practical way to do when you are sharing a computer. And when a particular account is no longer being used, you can delete it in just a few steps.

When disabling a user account, all the data and settings are kept intact, but the user will not be able to log in, and the account will not be displayed on the lock screen. Below are the steps on how to deactivate a user account in Windows 10:

Disabling a User Account via the Computer Management Tool

STEP 1: In the Start menu, search for “Control Panel” and then open it.

STEP 2: In Control Panel, click the Administrative Tools option, then double-click on the Computer Management shortcut.

NOTE: Alternatively, go to Run by pressing the Windows key + [R] combination, then typing “C:\Windows\system32\compmgmt.msc” and then hitting [Enter].

STEP 3: On the Computer Management window, expand Local Users and Groups, then select Users.

STEP 4: Next, right-click on the user account you want to disable, then select Properties.

STEP 5: In the Properties window, check the box next to Account is disabled, then click OK to save your changes.

NOTE: The account will now be disabled. There is no need to restart the computer. You will know that the account is disabled if the icon next to the said account has a down arrow on it.

If in case you would like to re-enable the account, simply un-check the box next to Account is disabled in the Properties window.

Deactivating User Account via the Command Prompt

STEP 1: In the Start menu, search for “Command prompt.”

STEP 2: Right-click on it, then select Run as Administrator.

STEP 3: Execute the following command, replacing <username> with the actual username: net user <username> /active:no

NOTE: Command Prompt will not display anything meaningful. Instead, it will just display the message, “The command completed successfully.” This indicates that you have successfully deactivated the account.

In case you would like to re-enable the account later on, simply replace “no” in the above command with “yes” and execute it.

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