How to Enforce Additional Security on Your Microsoft Edge Browser


The Edge browser, although great, can be vulnerable to eavesdropping by default. If you prefer having more privacy while browsing on the web, there are several steps you can do to make sure that you’re secured online. Be reminded though that performing these security steps may disable the functionality of some of the browser’s features like Cortana.

NOTE: Feel free to skip any step if it disables a functionality that you often use or need on your system.

STEP 1: Launch your Edge browser, then click on the three-dotted icon on the upper-right hand corner.

STEP 2: Select Settings.

STEP 3: Look for the option Sync your favorites and reading list, then tap on the switch to disable it.

STEP 4: Click the View advanced settings button.

STEP 5: Toggle the switch for Use Adobe Flash Player to disable it.

NOTE: Over the years, Adobe has had more than a few problems with vulnerabilities that takes weeks or even months to patch in its Flash Player. To be safe, it’s advisable to disable it completely.

STEP 6: Scroll down, then toggle off the switch for Offer to save passwords and Save form entries.

NOTE: Both options connect with Microsoft servers and put password and personal information in the cloud. It’s secure enough, but if you’re extra concerned, you may want to disable these two as well.

STEP 7: Toggle on the switch for Send Do Not Track requests, in the hope that you won’t be tracked by some websites.

STEP 8: Disable both Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge and Show search and site suggestions as I type.

STEP 9: To have the best security, select Block all cookies although choosing this will make the web nearly unusable. Instead, choose Block only third party cookies for a good compromise between security and usability.

STEP 10: Disable these three options: Let sites save protected media licenses on my device, Use page prediction to speed up browsing, improve reading, and make my overall experience better, and Help protect me from malicious sites and downloads with SmartScreen Filter.

NOTE: If the last option sounds counter-productive, remember, each of these options is communicating with a Microsoft server. If you want to stay private, that’s not an option.

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