How to Modify the Touchpad Gestures on Your Windows 10 Laptop


You can operate your laptop by using gestures if it’s running on Windows 10 and it has a feature called “precision touchpad.” You also have the option to customise some of these gestures according to your preference. This article will guide you how to identify if your Windows 10 laptop has the precision touchpad feature, as well as how you can go ahead and customise such gestures.

Navigating to the Touchpad Options

STEP 1: Click the Start button, then select the cog (settings) icon on the left.

STEP 2: Click on Devices.

STEP 3: On the left side, click on Touchpad.

Does Your Laptop Have Precision Touchpad?

You’ll see a range of touchpad options appear on the right. More importantly, this screen will let you know if you have a precision touchpad or not. If you do, then “Your PC has a precision touchpad” will appear under the category title.

If you do not see this message, it means your touchpad isn’t built to handle advanced gestures. Even worse, it’s not something you can fix by tweaking an option or downloading new software. A precision touchpad is defined by the physical hardware itself, so if your laptop doesn’t support a precision touchpad, there’s not much you can do.

Customizing Gestures

If in case your laptop has precision touchpad, you can set up custom three-finger gestures on your laptop, which comes in two options — Swipes and Taps. Swipes are done by putting three fingers on the touchpad and moving them in a cardinal direction. You can select a variety of preset swipes to suit your needs. Such handy features includes swapping between applications and altering the system’s volume. Once a preset has been selected, the diagram will let you know which swipes perform what action.

Taps are performed by putting three of your fingers together and tapping them together on the pad. Windows 10 has a few preset options for what happens when you do this, such as opening the action centre or playing/pausing media. Unlike swipes, taps don’t care where on the touchpad you perform the gesture.

If you find the options available to you lacking, you can take matters into your own hands. Follow these steps:

STEP 1: Scroll all the way to the bottom, then click on Advanced gesture configuration.

STEP 2: On the next screen, you can individually set what each gesture does.

NOTE: If you look through the options available, you’ll see that one of them is the ability to activate a custom keyboard shortcut. This is particularly useful if you use a lot of keyboard hotkeys and want to translate your favorites into trackpad swipe gestures.

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