How to Save the Browsing History of Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode


Google Chrome’s Incognito mode lets you surf websites without your browsing history being saved. There are times, however, that you want to save the history of the websites you have visited while in incognito mode. So what do you do?

While Chrome does not officially let you save the browsing history while you’re on incognito mode, there is an extension for Chrome that allows you to do that. Here are the steps:

NOTE: Keep in mind that you are allowing the extension see what websites you visit by installing it in your browser.

STEP 1: Launch Chrome on your computer, and then go to the Off the Record extension page.

STEP 2: Click on the Add to Chrome button to download and install the extension to your browser.

STEP 3: When prompted if you want to add the extension to your browser, click on Add extension to confirm your action.

NOTE: Once the extension has been successfully added to your browser, you will see a message by the extension in the upper right hand corner.

Now, you need to allow the extension to perform its actions in the incognito mode. By default, Chrome does not let you run an extension in incognito mode unless you have allowed it to run.

STEP 4: Type the following address in the URL bar: “chrome://extensions” then press [Enter].

STEP 5: Find the Off the Record History extension on the page, then check the box next to Allow in incognito.

STEP 6: Now open a new incognito window by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner of the browser, then select New Incognito Window.

STEP 7: When an incognito window opens, access the website you wish to surf.

STEP 8: When you are done browsing websites and would like to see the browsing history of your incognito session, click on the extension icon on the browser.

STEP 9: Perform one of the following to get the information you would like to get:

If you would like to view the tabs that you have recently closed while in incognito mode, go to the Recently closed tab.

If you would like to see the full incognito history, click on the Full history tab and you will see all the websites you have visited.

NOTE: This history does not contain anything from your previous incognito session; it is only for the current session.

Once you close your incognito session, all of the history saved in the extension will be erased.

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