How to Set and Monitor Website Security Permissions in Google Chrome


One of the downsides when browsing the Web is the sharing of data with those sites that we are visiting. Chrome has a handful of awesome tools that can help minimize those data we’re sharing with the world, and it also features an oft-forgotten tool of its own to provide you more control over what information a website can collect. This article will show you how easy it is to use, and that it doesn’t require plugins or setup.

STEP 1: Launch your Chrome browser, then visit any website that comes to your mind.

STEP 2: On the browser’s address bar, click the information icon (the letter i) to bring up the control menu.

NOTE: Here you can control what information is being shared as well as verifying whether or not the site is on a secure (https) connection.

STEP 3: Next, click the Cookies link to see what services are tracking you.

STEP 4: If you want to delete a tracking cookie, just click it, then click the Block or Remove button.

NOTE: Block is a more permanent solution, while the Remove option will place the cookie again once you revisit the site.

STEP 5: Once you’re done, click the Close button.

STEP 6: To set permissions, simply click the up or down arrow next to each of the settings and choose the permission you prefer.

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