How to Share Files Between Your Android Phone or Tablet and Computer Wirelessly


This article will guide you on how to share or move files between an Android smartphone or tablet and a laptop or desktop computer within a network using the WiFi File Transfer app from Google Play Store.

NOTE: The free version of the WiFi File Transfer app allows 5 MB or smaller files only. You may purchase the paid version to be able to share files with unlimited file sizes.

Share Files Wirelessly Using the WiFi File Transfer App

STEP 1: Go to Google Play Store, then download and install the WiFi File Transfer app.

STEP 2: Make sure your Android smartphone or tablet and your computer are connected to the same wireless network.

STEP 3: Locate the WiFi File Transfer icon on your Android smartphone or tablet, then tap it to launch the app.

STEP 4: When the WiFi File Transfer introduction screen appears, click the Start button to continue.

STEP 5: Enter the IP address and port number (http://ip address:port number) displayed on the app into your desktop or laptop computer’s Internet browser, then press [Enter].

Share or move files between an Android smartphone

STEP 6: If successful, the browser will load the WiFi File Transfer app’s interface similar to the image below. This screen will allow you to browse and manage your Android device’s internal storage and SD card, if it has one. From here, you can also download and upload files between your Android device and your computer.

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