How to Troubleshoot Some Common iOS VPN Connection Problems


It is necessary that every smartphone user should have a VPN service. VPN, known as Virtual Private Network, is encrypted web traffic through groups of computers and the Internet. It provides an extra layer of security and privacy to the web browsing you do every day.

Issues When Switching Networks

This problem normally occurs when you walk out of the Wi-Fi range and into LTE, or even just switching between one Wi-Fi network to another. What happens is that the VPN service seems to get stuck in an endless loop of trying to establish a connection. Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix for this kind of issue as it will continue to happen as long as you, the user, switch networks on your iOS device.

Though here are some troubleshooting options you can do to get around it in case it happens to you:

OPTION 1: Restart the VPN App

STEP 1: Try to cancel and then retry the connection — launch your VPN app, turn off the VPN, and then try to reconnect.

STEP 2: If the problem persists, go to the Settings app on your device.

STEP 3: Toggle the switch for VPN to turn it off.

OPTION 2: Change the Connected Region

STEP 1: Within the VPN provider app, try selecting a different region.

STEP 2: If “Optimized” or a similar setting is selected, select a different region, and then re-check “Optimized.”

NOTE: You can stay on a newly-selected region at any time, but take note that the optimized setting will always provide the quickest connection to the Web.

OPTION 3: Reset Your LTE Data

When traveling from place to place on LTE, there’s a big possibility of hangups to occur. One of the quickest fixes to regain your connection is to reset your LTE connection. To do this:

STEP 1: On your iOS device, go to Settings, then tap Cellular.

STEP 2: Tap the switch next to Cellular Data to turn it off.

STEP 3: Wait for a few seconds, then tap the switch again to turn it back on.

STEP 4: Check your VPN connection if it retries connecting.

Slow Connection

A slow VPN connection is also one of the most common issues any user may encounter. Any great VPN service will always strive to deliver a quick and secure connection.

OPTION 1: Restart the VPN App

If you open the VPN app to a spinning pre-loader that does not establish a connection within a few seconds, close the app and then re-open it.

If you’re still having the same connection problem, proceed to the next troubleshooting option.

OPTION 2: Check the Wi-Fi Network Status

There are times that the VPN isn’t the cause of the issue. Verify that your device’s Wi-Fi network connection is stable by switching networks or attempting to load a webpage on LTE. If the test page still does not load, then it’s safe to assume that the VPN connection is really acting up.

App Crashing on Launch or When Establishing a Connection

In this situation, the best possible workaround is to turn off the VPN service in your device’s settings or even force restart your device. If the issue is still not resolved, most bug fix updates are likely to solve crashing issues and it is recommended for you to check for any updates once in a while.

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