How to Unpair Your AirPods From Your Apple Device


The newest wireless headphones from Apple, called the AirPods, use the W1 chipset to pair automatically with your iPhone. From there, the pairing is mirrored to your Apple Watch, if you have one. Additionally, iCloud will sync the pairing to your iPad and iMac, if you have those two as well, enabling you to use your AirPods on all your Apple devices.

But what if you don’t want to use your AirPods with your Apple devices any more? Unpairing your AirPods from your iPhone automatically unpairs them from your iPad (and Apple Watch and Mac), but unpairing from your iPad only unpairs them from your iPad. You can also re-pair them again any time you want. Here’s how you can perform the unpairing:

Unpairing Your AirPods From Your iPhone or iPad

STEP 1: On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings.

STEP 2: Tap on Bluetooth.

STEP 3: Tap the information icon (letter i) next to your AirPods.

STEP 4: Tap on Forget This Device.

STEP 5: Tap Forget Device to confirm your action.

STEP 6: On iPhone, tap Forget Device again to confirm iCloud removal on other devices.

NOTE: If you unpair your AirPods from your iPhone, they will automatically be unpaired from your Apple Watch as well.

Unpairing Your AirPods From Your Mac

If you decided you don’t want to use your AirPods with your Mac any more, you can unpair it just like any Bluetooth device. Unpairing from your iPhone automatically unpairs it from your Mac, but unpairing from your Mac only unpairs your AirPods from your Mac.

STEP 1: Hold down the [Alt] key and then click on the Bluetooth icon on your Mac menu bar.

STEP 2: Click on your AirPods in the Bluetooth Devices section.

STEP 3: Click on the Remove option.

STEP 4: When you get the prompt asking you if you are sure you want to remove your AirPod, click on the Remove button to confirm.

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