How to Use Restore Your Apple Watch Using Its Backup Data


The great thing about Apple Watch is that even though there’s no real option on how you can back it up, the device automatically backs up during the unpair process. With WatchOS, all you can do is unpair your Apple Watch when you’re having problems with it or you’re getting ready to move to a new smartwatch. When unpairing, there’s no extra button you need to tweak or hit, and no way, at least under normal use, to stop the process. From there, you can use that backup to restore that watch or move all of its settings, data, and apps to a new watch.

To restore your Apple Watch from a backup, proceed with the steps below.

STEP 1: Turn on your Apple Watch if it isn’t already on.

STEP 2: On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app.

STEP 3: Tap Pair a new Apple Watch to pair an additional watch or Start Pairing if you’ve got the one Apple Watch.

STEP 4: Frame your Apple Watch’s screen in the yellow box to pair it.

NOTE: If that method didn’t work, you can tap the text at the bottom of the screen to Pair Manually.

STEP 5: Next, tap on Restore from Backup once your watch has been successfully paired to your iPhone.

STEP 6: Tap on the backup you’d like to restore from.

STEP 7: Tap on Agree for the iTunes terms and conditions.

STEP 8: When a popup menu appears, tap Agree once more to continue.

STEP 9: Enter your Apple ID if you’re pairing your only watch.

STEP 10: On the Shared Settings request, tap on OK.

STEP 11: Create a passcode for your Apple Watch by typing it in the field provided.

STEP 12: Choose whether you’d like your Apple Watch to unlock automatically when your iPhone is unlocked.

STEP 13: Proceed in setting up Apple Pay to be able to pay for purchases using your Apple Watch.

STEP 14: Tap Continue when you get to the Emergency SOS screen.

STEP 15: Wait for your Apple Watch to complete the syncing process.

NOTE: This syncing process may take several minutes to complete.

STEP 16: Lastly, tap OK when you reach the Welcome to the Apple Watch App screen.

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