How to View Your Saved Wi-Fi Password on Your Windows 10 PC


By default, Windows hides the actual password that you type in when you attempt to connect to a secured wireless network. You may notice that it uses either dots or asterisks instead of the actual characters to keep prying eyes from discovering the password or passphrase, thus keeping your network safer. And once you have successfully entered the password and connected to this network, Windows will automatically save it and keep the actual password obscured, even when you try to re-join a network with a password that you’ve entered previously.

This is a safe and convenient feature most of the time, but when there’s an instance that you need to remember what the actual password is, there’s another way to find it on your Windows 10 PC. Here’s how to do it:

STEP 1: From the Windows system tray, right-click the wireless icon, then select Open Network and Sharing Center.

STEP 2: Click on Connections: (your Wi-Fi network name) to open the Wi-Fi status window.

STEP 3: Click the Wireless Properties button.

STEP 4: Go to the Security tab.

STEP 5: Under the Network security key field, check the box for Show characters to display the actual password of the wireless network you’re currently connected to.

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